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Thermal efficiency

If your conservatory has a glass or polycarbonate roof, it is not as thermally efficient as it could be. You may have noticed your conservatory gets too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. This is because of inadequate insulation.

You may even have a draught coming from the roof. This is because of gaps between materials. In older systems these often form over time due to a loss in roof rigidity. In newer systems poor design is the lead cause. 

By and large though, most roofing systems have poor thermal efficiency because they are not well insulated. The by-product of this for you is your conservatory is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The Leka Roof’s solid construction is insulated like the roof on your house. This is much better for thermal efficiency and temperature regulation. 


U Value of 0.15 W/m²K

The Leka Roof has a U Value of 0.15 W/m²K. ‘U Value’ is the rate of transfer of heat through a structure. The lower the score the better. By comparison, a polycarbonate roof will have a U Value of around 2.4, and a glass roof around 1.5 – much less efficient than the Leka Roof.

To understand why our roof is so thermally efficient, you have to understand the inadequacies of a glass or polycarbonate system. These roofing systems are thin with no dedicated insulation sheets to create a warm air gap. With no gap to trap the warm air, the air escapes through the structure very quickly. 

The Leka Roof is fully insulated to slow this process down. It starts with the internal Leka boards, which are insulated and a third the weight of regular plasterboard. PIR insulation sheets are then installed with a 15mm gap between the internal Leka boards. This creates the warm air gap missing from a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof. 

Outer Board Fitting

Layer by layer

The PIR insulation is then topped with insulated outer sheets. These are made from high-grade plastic and filled with XPS foam, a high-performance rigid insulation with a closed cell structure. This makes it impervious to moisture.

The outer sheets are significantly lighter than any other covering board and have a longer life than plywood boards. Because they are insulated, the thermal efficiency is also far greater, giving the Leka Roof superior thermal performance.

By fitting the Leka Roof to your conservatory, you create a space with thermal efficiency close to that of your house. Not only will this make your room usable more of the time, it means you can turn the heating off sooner. If your conservatory is heated, this will reduce the amount of energy you use, and in turn, your energy bills.

It’s important to note insulating a glazed or polycarbonate conservatory roof is impossible without blocking it out. Replacing the system with a solid roof system is the only option if you want to dramatically improve its thermal efficiency.

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“Our installer was excellent. The roof was up in 3 days and the tiles are a perfect match for our house. The neighbours love it and are thinking about doing the same with their conservatory."
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Tina Jones
"As a structural engineer I was exremely impressed by Leka's engineering knowledge and the development they put into their product. I've fallen in love with my conservatory all over again."
Darren Grimes
"What sold me was the fact I could have a solid roof without extra building work. The Leka Roof is so light even my 20-year old conservatory could handle the weight."
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