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GRP rafters
Glass reinforced plastic

GRP frame

The Leka Roof’s frame (made up of rafters, a ring beam and ridge) is made from glass-reinforced plastic. GRP is a composite with tensile strength greater or equal to steel. Yet it will never corrode or rot. Nor will it shrink or warp. It’s the perfect choice for a roof which is why we chose it. Other materials cannot beat it.

engineered by us

Internal Leka Boards

We call them ‘Leka boards’ because we established the benefits for the Leka roof purpose. These are fitted beneath the GRP rafters. They are a third the weight of standard plasterboard, more thermally efficient and 100% waterproof, so will never degrade. They can be skimmed the same as plasterboard for a perfect finish.


Insulation sheets

We tested a wide number of insulation sheets before choosing a small number of brands. In our opinion, these are the best insulation products on the market. The sheets are fitted with a 15mm gap from the Leka boards to create a warm air pocket. This provides high value thermal efficiency. Each sheet is perfectly cut for your roof.


Outer sheets

Next, strong, load-bearing and insulated outer sheets are installed onto the rafters, covering up the construction beneath. The outer sheets are also made high-grade plastic and XPS foam. They are significantly lighter than any other covering board, 100% waterproof, and have a longer life than plywood boards. This makes them far superior.

Outer Board Fitting
Metrotile and tapco slate


The Leka Roof is finished with engineered tiles which are around half the weight of concrete and slate. You have a choice of Metrotile concrete or TapcoSlate tiles which mimic concrete or natural slate perfectly. A wide range of colours are available to match the roof on your house, giving your conservatory the appearance of a true extension.

What customers are saying

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“Our installer was excellent. The roof was up in 3 days and the tiles are a perfect match for our house. The neighbours love it and are thinking about doing the same with their conservatory."
Leka conservatory roof
Tina Jones
"As a structural engineer I was exremely impressed by Leka's engineering knowledge and the development they put into their product. I've fallen in love with my conservatory all over again."
Darren Grimes
"What sold me was the fact I could have a solid roof without extra building work. The Leka Roof is so light even my 20-year old conservatory could handle the weight."
Leka porch-min
Kim Smith
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