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Building Regulations

A conversion to a solid conservatory roof always requires building control sign off. For a conversion to be signed off, it needs to comply with building regulations. This is the case for the Leka Roof and every other solid roof system. However, there is a difference with our system, and that is the Leka Roof is JHAI certified. This means you do not need to engage local building control.

Building Regulation approval

JHAI Certification

The Leka Roof is certified by Jhai Ltd, the Approved Inspector for building control licensed by the Government. The Leka Roof has been fully tested and assessed by JHAI and determined to be fully compliant with Building Regulation requirements, which means you do not need to engage local building control for ‘sign off’ before commencing with building work. 

JHAI will issue a Building Certificate after the work has been completed and checked. This is proof of compliance. Your installer will take care of this for you. 

What about LABC approval?

JHAI Certification is superior to LABC (Local Authority Building Control) approval because it renders a system exempt from local building control approval and involvement. Roofing systems with just LABC Approval are not exempt and still require local building control involvement, which means they require a certificate from local building control as sign off, which can slow the build down.

With the Leka Roof, JHAI will sign off your installation. This speeds up the build time because the system itself has already been certified by JHAI to be compliant with the latest building regulations; therefore, JHAI will only need to sign off your specific installation. This simplified process speeds everything up.

We are extremely proud the Leka Roof is certified by JHAI. Very few other roofing systems are JHAI certified. Not only does this certification offer complete peace of mind your installation complies with building regulations (and is therefore a quality installation), but it means your conversion can be fast-tracked through building applications wherever relevant, if, for example, you want to convert from conservatory to extension.

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“Our installer was excellent. The roof was up in 3 days and the tiles are a perfect match for our house. The neighbours love it and are thinking about doing the same with their conservatory."
Leka conservatory roof
Tina Jones
"As a structural engineer I was exremely impressed by Leka's engineering knowledge and the development they put into their product. I've fallen in love with my conservatory all over again."
Darren Grimes
"What sold me was the fact I could have a solid roof without extra building work. The Leka Roof is so light even my 20-year old conservatory could handle the weight."
Leka porch-min
Kim Smith
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